The climbing roses outside my bedroom window seemed to bloom overnight. It’s as if we went to sleep in a hush of still and awoke to a symphony. As the morning unfolded I turned my eyes for a moment and buds appeared, lightened and burst forth. Day after day the crescendo increased.

Although it will play for some time, a broadway show on its second run, I know this performance will be over all too soon. So I will head outside at dawn when the heady scent is at its most potent. I will gather up handfuls of petals  and then I’ll busy myself  bottling it. Later, when the roses have retired for the season, I will spray it into the air and replay the melody of early Spring.


Gather as many roses as you like being sure to leave plenty
for the bees (ensure they are chemical free).
Place them in a saucepan and just cover with water.
Bring to a boil on a low heat and cover.
Let the rose petals simmer very gently for 10-15 minutes or until
they have given up their colour to the water.
Leave to cool with the lid on.
Strain the liquid (composting the petals) and decant into a glass jar
or small amber spray bottles.
Keep in the fridge for several weeks.


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