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Naturally Creative offers a gentle hand on the journey of creativity, connection and treading lightly on this beautiful earth. Both practical and poetic it will inspire you and your children to turn inwards, to ground yourselves in the wonder of the natural world and to reignite your innate creativity using Mother Earth as your greatest muse.

This 100+ page book will guide you to:

  • create a simple and natural art cupboard for your children using nature’s bounty, pre-owned and earth-friendly wares, and simple, homemade elements,
  • consider what you already have, forage and thrift what you may need and make mindful new purchases if and when your days allow,
  • create simple and open-ended creative explorations for your children steeped in the beauty of the natural world,
  • bring a gentle creative rhythm to your home,
  • examine your relationship with creativity and develop a deeper connection with the earth, and
  • be kind on yourself as you explore new ways of being in the world

Through musings, and actionable-hope it will walk alongside you as you explore a path of natural creativity, reverence and gratitude for this earth.

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