use what you have – orange and rosemary cleaner


Citrus – all fresh zing and crispness. And when married with rosemary, it wafts with homeliness and encouragement. Leftover orange peels (lemon and lime work well too) often too acidic for the compost bin and far too zesty for the worms often find their way into the rubbish. Keep aside (freeze them if you only have small amounts at a time), layer in a jar with rosemary sprigs and then cover with plain, old white vinegar. Over the next few days give the mix a prod to plunge the bobbing debris back down into the astringent depths. Leave it all to steep for two weeks then decant into a labelled bottle. Diluting this heady solution, 1/4 cup to a water filled spray bottle, will yield a potent all-purpose cleaner with a gentle footprint.

Orange and Rosemary Cleaner

1. Fill a glass jar with orange peels – scrape away as much of the white pith as possible first.

2. Cover with white vinegar, seal the jar and
leave for two weeks to infuse.

3. Strain the mixture and decant into a labelled
bottle. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar solution to a spray bottle
and top up with water. Use as an all-purpose cleaner
(avoid using on marble or granite bench tops).




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