simple oat milk


There are times when we steer away from dairy milk. When the wind rattles the window glass and chests are heavy with congestion we favour plant based milks.  Re-examining the waste we not only create in our home but bring into our home in the first place saw me halting the purchase of store bought plant milks. Although often recyclable these cartons are a product that don’t really need to make their way into my trolley; I have discovered that I am capable of making my own. Home made oat milk is inexpensive, almost effortless to make, and delicious.


Simple Oat Milk

1 cup of oats
6 dates (pitted)
6-7 cups of water

Add the oats to a blender and blitz until powdery.
Add the dates and blitz again.
Slowly add the water being mindful of the consistency.
At this stage you can strain the milk through a nut bag, a piece of
muslin or a clean tea towel but I don’t. Decant into bottles and seal.
Keep in the fridge for 4-5


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