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Connecting with nature can sometimes feel unattainable. If the jungle closest to your home is made of concrete or if your backyard is a tiny balcony overlooking other tiny balconies, feeling grounded amongst green and growing things seems something that “other” people do. Or a time to look forward to in a far off holiday.  But the opportunities to breathe life into your soul through immersion in the natural world are still there, they’re just a bit more hidden.

Step into a florist and peruse their wares slowly and with wonder. Ask them to make you up a bouquet of all their filler foliage and spend a quiet moment at home arranging them and marvelling at their varying textures, shapes and colours.  Use them throughout the week to bring your attention to growth and stillness.  Find a suburban park and sit quietly listening to the wildlife about you. It may be a bird, a cicada…a bee.  Run your hands along the bark of a tree and ponder the layer upon layer of growth that has occurred to form the size of the trunk.  Or take a basket and go on a nature fossicking adventure in your street. Hunt out a coloured leaf, a seed pod and if you’re especially lucky, a feather. Add them to a little bowl near where you work or relax and when you rest your eyes on them from time to time, they’ll remind you that nature exists everywhere.

It may not be snow capped mountains or dense “goblin like” rainforest but the beauty of the natural world can be part of your everyday if you just look a little bit harder.


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