creating a nature box


As the natural world sways and bends to the seasonal rhythm, our nature collections evolve. Summer shells from afternoons at the beach are replaced with Autumn’s crunchy leaves of ochre and rust, hawthorn berries and acorns. Then comes the yellow fireworks of Winter wattle and if lady luck has her way, a perfect nest blown down low where little hands can capture it. Finally there is Spring growth. The handpicked jonquils and snow drops rescued from pocket depths, the eucalpyt blossoms all fancy in their lacy skirts, and all the greens. Smooth stones, textured seed pods and leaf after leaf after leaf.

These treasures grace our nature table for a time but invariably most of them are returned back to the earth. The pearlescent abalone shell, the corkscrew shell and the branch of giant  gum nuts however, are hoarded away like pirate gold. Another day they will be stumbled upon or sought out for reference, creative inspiration or purely to douse ourselves liberally with nature’s beauty. Our nature box.


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