bringing the natural world in


It’s the crinkly leaf, clinging to the green of Summer yet tinged with Autumn’s change. The fistful of pebbles extracted one by one from linty pockets. It’s hanging that branch of eucalypt on a picture hook; the leaves, the seeds, the reminder of life. It’s tucking that feather, regal and luminous, into the pages of your book. Arranging those tiny shells in a vessel on your kitchen table and amidst the swirl of meal times, letting their subtlety bathe you in sweet beach memories.

By beckoning the natural world indoors we can hold the reins of this bolting horse of a life and steady it momentarily. A sprig of herb, a wooden bowl of leaves, a fallen nest, a pine cone long bereft of seeds; visceral threads that tie us to the very planet that sustains our life. Their beauty caught our eye as we wandered in nature and brought indoors they encourage us to pause, breathe and draw inwards to that beauty, rooting us to this spinning globe in that very moment of time. That moment like all others, both at once joyous and sorrowful in it’s ephemeralness, will show itself and then fade away. Will we notice it? Can we savour it?


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