Welcome, lovely soul. My name is Steph and I am a writer, earth warrior and Mumma to three luminous wildlings. Thank you for walking a while here with me. With kindness, I offer you this manifesto to guide your days. May you find some calm, inspiration and empowerment in these words.


Instil in our children a deep love of the natural world; raise little wildlings.
Challenge long held beliefs and explore alternative ways of being and doing.
Live authentically.
Make small changes in our daily life to tread more gently on the earth.
Be everyday creative.
Show gratitude, reverence and respect to the earth.
Learn to mend and make do.
Keep our eyes open and our hearts full of wonder for this planet. It is remarkable.
Consume with intention; embrace secondhand.
Show abundant generosity and kindness.
Pick up rubbish.
Walk daily amongst green and growing things.

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