A simple skincare routine

Dark circles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, smile lines, frown lines, any sort of lines. Pigmentation, open pores, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin. From a young age we’re convinced that the very casing of our beings isn’t quite what it should be and like a wild horse we try our best to “tame” it. We scrutinise, we compare and ultimately we succumb to the alchemy of clever advertising, perfumed chemicals and photoshopped images all poured into one little pot of wizardry that promises all.

But at heart we know that wholesome food, hydration, sleep, positive thoughts and sun protection are our best skin allies and that aging is an inevitable and embraceable part of this wonderful life. All I want is to keep my body’s largest organ nourished, supple and protected. To spend my precious moments trying to banish my lines is to try and erase my lifetime of memories and laughter. And who wants to do that?

Here is my very simple skincare routine that is free of nasty chemicals, single use packaging and the insidious insecurity that comes tucked up quietly in said packaging and lingers like its overpowering scent.

  • coconut oil or raw honey as a cleanser. Nothing fancy, nothing hidden just a small smear of coconut oil all over my face including lashes if I’ve been wearing makeup, or a small amount of honey if I’ve been make up free. A minute or two of gentle massage and then a simple washcloth, thrifted face cloth or piece of muslin steeped in warm/hot water held over my face for a few calming breaths and then wiped clean. My skin has never been happier.
  • apple cider vinegar spray. By simply mixing one tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar into a 50ml glass spray bottle (you could reuse any small spray bottle) of water or rosewater you can create a ph balancing, skin brightening, mildly exfoliating wonder spray. I spritz it over my face after cleansing.
  • and finally, a few drops of either a jojoba, rose hip or avocado oil.

A gentle and effective way to care for your skin, your heart and your planet.

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